Weekly Reviews

week 1

After some weeks of research we finally worked in our groups for the first time. We are a real lady group consisting of: HAS, anrofi, LittleMissConny, Xteena, xxanh and nourann.

First of all we allocated the different group parts. However, it was not as easy as it sounds, because we were all a bit unsure what would fit the best. So we took the time to read again through the descriptions on the methods site and everybody had the opportunity to announce her wishes. After that, the whole procedure passed by very quickly. Xteena and HAS are our two groupleaders, LittleMissConny is our Webmaster and anrofi is responsible for the tags. Furthermore it is nourann who will gather our information and display them in mindmaps and last but not least xxanh who is our photo and video editor.

Then the next problem appeared: finding a topic that everybody is interested in and that will be fruitfully in terms of finding interesting things. It really took a lot time and we had ideas that reached from innovations over women and business to sports. However then the idea of consumerism and consumption entered our rows and we decided that this will be our blog topic.

Next step, next problem and we cheered to soon because finding the right topic does not mean having an appealing name for a blog. In my opinion, it was far more difficult to find a fancy name than finding the topic itself. However, it was interesting how differently we all worked to vanish the problem. xxanh for example read out some film and song titles where some of us where kind of sceptic at first but it turned out to be very helpful. For we created “lost in consumption” our initial name out of it.

Thus, we were all relatively satisfied after the first two hours of group work and we planned to announce our topics for the first blog post till Saturday to make sure that no one writes about the same topic. LittleMissConny even created a Facebook group for all the group members to share ideas and to get news about current developments.

However, the seemingly silence was disturbed by one of the biggest problems we had to cope with this week: LittleMissConny deleted our blog with the name “lost in consumption” and thought she could set up a new one with the same name but we had to find out that this was not possible.

First LittleMissConny was really desperate and asked the teamleader what to do. So there was the conflict: Should LittleMissConny create a new blog with a name that she would have to create all by herself or should we wait until everybody answered in our Facebook group? In addition, nourann had only limited access to the internet and we were the last group that had to publish their blog´s URL. So the pressure was very high.

Finally, LittleMissConny installed a new blog with the name: “curiositykilledthecustomer” and we all were happy that it works now.

To sum it up, I can really say that it was a week full of trouble and problems but we, as a group, managed it successfully in my opinion.

week 2

Our first week was over and all of us had successfully written a blogpost- quite a good feeling! We were really proud that our group project and the work in our group worked truly harmoniously , until so far. Moreover, the feeling of first accomplishments and seeing how our blog, which had become our little baby for which we all cared as mothers, strengthened even more our high level of motivation. It is so cool to see how our commonly developed ideas slowly assume shape!

However, one thing that troubled us were the different lenghts of the articles. Should our articles not have the same extent? Is it good or okay that one post stretches over 3 or 4 pages and another one consists only of 1 page?

Whereas some of us really tried to reduce the articles to their most essential points, others argued that it is hardly possible to limit the text if you really want to ”dig deep“. The ones of us favoring longer ones claimed that, since we treat mostly complex topics, one has to illustrate different points of view and often give pros and cons in order to be able to come to a well-founded conclusion.

On the other side, one of us argued: ”Blog posts are not just listing everything you can say about a topic! On the contrary, blog posts are statements. More your personal, human point of view should be in the focus. YOU for yourself have to figure out WHAT is actually really essential.“ Another one contributed: ”True story! We are creating our personal blog. This is ours- and our chance to show the world out there how we 6 business students from the HWR Berlin see things! We are and should NOT be a lexicon containing everything you can say about a topic!”

So we had this discussion with passionate arguers on both sides. In the end, we came to an understanding and decided to try to limit our articles, as we can reach a greater readership. Not all people have the time to read through excessively worked out posts and so let us just do an extensive research everyone and afterwards stick to the most important. Of course, we need to present different positions, but then it is about us- giving the reader something special – our personal suggestions on this topic – on his way.

We are not a lexicon, but real human business students. Yes, we read, we research, we compare.

…But we also feel and have an own critical opinion!

week 3

The blogging-daily-life.

This week we met again in our blogging group. First of all we worked out our mindmap on mindmeister.de and nurann successfully signed up for this website. At the beginning we were kind of confused, because there is only a 30 days test version available for free, but we arranged it in that way, that we all will sign up if the 30 days of one group member are over. You can now watch our mindmaps here: https://www.mindmeister.com/159518312/curiosity-killed-the-consumer

The next step was to find and later discuss the topics for our next blog post. We introduced this method to avoid having the same topics on several blog entries.

Moreover Conny stated the meaning of the category musings to our group, because there have been some misunderstandings. She explained: “The musings category is the philosophical part of our blog where we have the opportunity to write about our thoughts on a specific topic with a high level of subjectivity.”

After that nurann talked about her problems with the internet and she mentioned how she works now, because she is trying to develop, more detailed, things she already talked about before. The group considered this a good idea, due to the fact that it is very hard to work without a well-working internet access.

The next point of our weekly meeting were the user names. All of us agreed that we will only use our wordpress names to save our privacy. Furthermore, we sticked to the privacy topic. We negotiated the kind of photos we would like to insert to our The curious authors page. After some discussion we agreed that we will not take a picture with ourselves on but rather a photo which displays certain characteristics of us. We decided to upload the photos in  black and white to demonstrate uniformity which should underline our group togetherness. The texts about us are expected to be in 3rd person and a little humorous – so be keen on getting to know us a bit better.

In addition, xxanh opened our picasa webalbum and in cooperation with conny the link to our picasa web album will arrive soon.

Another important step was the launching of our tag cloud, which is also  available on our blog, now.

The upshot of this week: we are more and more getting into our blogging identity!

week 4

Wow, already week four, now! And still it is not getting boring- there is always something new for us, something special that makes our blogging- work unique for that week!This time we gave our blog its heart. We finally completed the curious authors page. This page is profoundly important for us and so it took us quite a long time to finish it. We were looking for suitable ways to introduce ourselves to our readers. What could we tell? I mean, of course it is our own blog- so should we just present our age and our hobbies, thus telling who we are in general? We considered this not to be an adequate solution.Our group wanted to focus more on the aspects that makes every blogger of our group special and that will definitely set her articles apart from another blogger’s ones. So a great process started: We needed to ask ourselves what will probably make us, every single one of us, respectively her blogging work unique. We found out that mostly hobbies and passion for special topics, or music had created special knowledge and often even special skills and a unique angle of a view point. We shared and discussed these things in the group and it was really cool to learn things of every team member and also about ourselves!Furthermore, we also changed the design of our webpage with regards to author roll, top posts and link colour.Once more, successful week!

week 5

5 weeks of our blogging career are over now, and I took this occasion to make a little interview with all team members.

1) Describe our team in 3 words:

LittleMissPanda: girl power, curious, diverse

Anrofi: girls, serious, wonderful

Nurann: diverse, efficient, legen-wait for it-dary

Xteena: creative, ambitious, flexible

xxanh: female, strong, awesome

HAS: motivated, curious, humorous

2) Are you satisfied with our teamwork?

LittleMissPanda: Overall, yes.

Anrofi: Yes, because we have a very respectful but efficient way of addressing problems

Nurann: Definitely yes. Problems are solved effectively, and everybody is able to involve personal topics of interest

Xteena: Yes, because even though new problems/conflicts are often appearing, we are always able to solve them.

xxanh: Yes

HAS: Conflicts lead to satisfaction – so yes, indeed.

3)Where do you see a personal/team development?

LittleMissPanda: Learning how to criticise efficiently, gaining new writing skills.

Anrofi: personal: I feel more confortable writing

team: each member wants to contribute more and more

Nurann: Personally, in my writing skills and as a group in the ability to deal with obstacles.

Xteena: I think we developed so far as a group, that we are able now to criticise the other blog entries without feeling offended. We are all open- minded for ideas, for improvements and see  criticism as a chance, not personal  attack

xxanh: personal: Now it is easier for me to write blogs and texts

team: good communication, clear assignments

HAS:  My writing improved and I learned a lot about  research, teams and conflicts.  Over the weeks our little group really  transformed into a team where everyone has  her job.

4)What was your favorite blog entry till now?

LittleMissPanda:  “Strategic seduction – spotlight in Zara´s window design”

Anrofi: “How big is yours?”

Nurann: “Can I get a double…” by LittleMissPanda

Xteena: Spotify, because it is an application everybody now uses and I could include my personal experience.

xxanh: “Do not own!”

HAS: Musings – Should Germany´s Next Topmodel eplace Pippi Langstrumpf?

5) Why do you think it is important to inform about consumption?

LittleMissPanda: It´s essential to know what effects our consumption behavior has on business.

Anrofi: Everybody can relate to that topic, but many people are not aware of why they consume and what consumption causes.

Nurann: Because everybody does it!

Xteena: Consumption also bears risks and before consuming you cannot/ do not consider all consequences/important facts.

xxanh: To show dangers but also new and interesting products that people should know about.

HAS:  Questioning “buy buy buy” thinking  and to raise  consumption awareness.

6) Do you have any wishes for the future, concerning your work, the team or topics?

LittleMissConny: More communication within the team

Anrofi: /

Nurann: Only for my own work: to involve more images

Xteena: /

xxanh: Continuing like that.

HAS: Trying to involve more opinions from outside into Blog posts.

Besides those interesting insights we are now trying asana. It is an application to organise tasks and you can imagine how curious we are all about how this will work. I hope you enjoyed reading. See you next week.

week 6

What’s new on our page?

We finally completed our the curious authors page. Check it out to read about our mission!


New tool: Asana

Besides, we organized and managed our tasks this week with asana. All of us think that it is quite a  lot of extra work to assign tasks and to follow this platform regularly. However, we definitely see its usefulness- it worked out that everyone knows what is going on and when all deadlines for each team member are. Like this, we were able to strenghten our feeling of community even more and rise the level of being responsible.

New assignment:

Every week a new blogging topic- normal routine.

Not from this week on, anymore! Since we have to continue a special topic for 4 weeks and keep posting about the same theme, we were all forced to think about it further: In our teammeeting, we had a really hard time. Whereas some of us already knew what they wanted to write about, most of us did not know what their real interest was. What could it be that is worth digging in so deep for four whole weeks? This assignment was posing new problems, again! But the question had to be more: How can I find out, what my real interest is? So what we did was basically:

  • Checking our previous blogposts if one presented this interest already
  • Checking newspapers & magazines
  • Doing different various & numerous google searches
  • Digging through other blogs


We all were able to find a topic worth digging for. Xxanh will post about “world’s billionaires”, nourann about CSR, HAS about collaborative consumption, LittleMissConny about “The Prosumer Movement- Opportunity and Danger for Managers” and anrofi about online streaming/ movies.

week 7

Digging very deep – this was the motto of this week, since we are more and more getting into our topics. We are very surprised that we are already blogging since 7 WEEKS. This is just unbelievable. We all are developing more and more and it is nice to watch that our blog really becomes personal, displaying young business students. However, some of us are still facing problems of connecting the different professional opinions and inserting them suitable into the reading flow.
Nevertheless our blogging business flows very unproblematic, because we successfully left all the difficulties from the beginning behind us and learn more from day to day.
Another great success: we have completed our Gallery where you can find a link to our picasa web album with all the pictures from our blog posts take some minutes to check it out.

week 8

This week on Curiosity Killed The Consumer:
We are still digging deeper, discovering the enormous potential the different topics offer us. So we discussed our next blog topics in our wednesday meeting.
Moreover, Nurann used a new application for making mindmaps, which we all considered uneffective at the end and we turned back to the original application at mindmaster.de
After that we began to work on our special group tasks and managed them together on Asana, thus everybody has the opportunity to see what and how the others are doing.
And of course we have interesting topics for this week as well:
Anrofi writes about the streaming problem and whether it is a service problem or just illegal
HAS deals with sharing at Google and how they make a big success out of it
LittleMissPanda writes about “Kochhaus” and how they successfully internalized the concept of prosumerism
Nurann tries to disprove the negative image of CSR
xxanh gives you more information about the world´s billionaires
So stay curious and check out what´s new on curiosity killed the consumer!

Last but not least

The last week of our blogging career is almost over and I used this occation to ask some team members to reflect on the experiences they gained in the last weeks and how they evaluate our team work. Let´s see what they experienced.
xxanh said:
The team: was very harmonic and commited, we successfully worked together with understanding and respect for each other, the communication always went well and everybody fullfilled her tasks. Despite the fact that we all were girl I did not miss a male part in our group. We can be proud that despite all the stress we had with the blog we always had much fun. We are the best team.

Blog: I have improved my writing-, reading- and research skills. Further, I learned sooo much about consumption. Besides that, the experience to run a blog – the posting, writing, creating really enriched my way of working. It was good to learn how to give constructive criticism and to receive hints from my fellow students. Last but not least the blog also brought affliction and harm.


Team: Really good, not too stressful, not exaggerated just right.

 Blog: Sometimes it raised my aggressiveness. However, I have to admit that it was not as bad as I thought at the beginning, because you really learn how a blog works and experience how much work it is, indeed. I, myself, would have never dealt with blogging on my own.
Team: We had a very flat team structure, because it was important for me as the group leader that everybody can formulate her ideas/fears/hints in an open manner. This turned out to be a good solution, because the team really was supportive and we had a great time. It was nice to get to know my fellow students on a more professional level, seeing how they solve problems. It enriched my way of thinking and working.
Blog: To sum it up: Wow, sooooo much work. Sometimes I really reached my boarders, because it was hard to write an interesting blog post each week and to find suitable topics. However, it was interesting that with a good time management it was possible to make the posts in time. As Nurann, I also never thought about launching a blog on my own, but I am kind of thankful that we had the opportunity to create our own blog.
Anrofi: Team: Everybody was very appreciative and everyone could develop freely in the field of consumption.

To conlude, there is no doubt that this blog was a good experience at the end. We learned so much about the internet, search engines, writing, research and interesting applications which really improved our way of working. Besides that, it was very helpful for all of us to increase our level of social competencies. Team work is not always easy, but with some small rules our team turned out to be a huge success.
We thank you all for supporting us during this period and we really appreciate every helpful hint you gave us in the last weeks. Of course, we hope that we could give you some new and interesting insights about the field of consumption.

Thank you for your support!

Your Curiosity Killed The Consumer Bloggers