The Curious Authors

Hello World!

We are six curious International Business Mangement Students from Berlin who take a closer look at modern consumerism and its effects on society.

nourann is 19 years old and the mindmapper of the group. She is mostly known for not seeing anything that is farther away than three meters – unless she is wearing her glasses. A huge soccer fan, but likes to watch any kind of team sports. Would have actually prefered to study sportsmanagement, but honestly – who pays more than 400 euros per month in order to get the same education? So that´s how she landed in the international business management program. If not rooting for her favorite soccer team, most of the time she is busy complaining about capitalism, and how capitalism makes everybody to its marionette. This is also reflected in her blog posts.




At the age of nineteen, LittleMissPanda is one of the youngest bloggers on Curiosity Killed The Consumer and our webmaster. She is also studying International Business Management in Berlin and hopes to set foot in the crazy world of business someday.  She has a (rather unhealthy) love for Pandas (aren’t they cute?) and always reads the last page of a book first. As a matter of fact her greatest interests in life are literature and music. She can play the piano and taught herself how to play the guitar. In the eyes of LittleMissPanda a perfect afternoon doesn’t need more than a Jack Kerouac novel and a cup of yogi tea! Her biggest weakness: a shopping sale.However she more and more realizes the bad effects of modern day consumerism and tries to change her shopping habits. Accompany her on her journey to become a more conscious and  thoughtful consumer!



Aloha! xxanh, a student of economics in her first year, is the photo and video editor of this awesome blog with the fabulous name “Curiosity Killed The Consumer”. If everybody is going crazy, she is the one who keeps calm.  As the photo and video editor, she takes the lead in collecting and posting additional photo collections and videos on the blog topics. Her addiction to coffee and fashion is probably the most remarkable fact about xxanh. You will always see her running after the latest fashion trends with a cup of coffee in her hands.  She lives according to the life motto: “Chillaxin”.






At 21, Anrofi is the oldie in our group and is responsible for the tags. She also studies International Business Management at Berlin School of Economics and Law and spent a lot of time in the US and Ireland, which is why she often refers to those countries in her posts. Even though she is a model mass consumer herself, she tries to think about the consequences of our society’s behavior. She is a passionate movie and tv show addict and enjoys long conversations about her weakness for Irish men over a glass of whiskey and a cigarette.








Xteena is 20 years old and one of our two group leaders. Her passion is sports on the one hand and learning languages and playing the violin on the other hand. She has been learning this instrument since she was five years old and she has been a member of an orchestra for ten years. Music was always and still is an essential part of her life and definitely contributes to who she is. Being a member of an orchestra also made her experience that even tiny differences in the interpretation of a piece can change its entire meaning and the effect on her listeners. It is all about the finenesses! – that is mostly what she has learned by being a musician.

With this background, Xteena wants to add a unique part to our blogging work and hopes that she can transfer her knowledge and passion from music also to her writing.


Howdy! This is HAS, studying International Business Management at Berlin School of Economics and Law in her second semester. She is enjoying the last year of her teenage time and is one of our group leaders. Her job is to organize happenings like fixing the blogging dates and writing the weekly summary which she does rotatory with xteena. Her interests are arts, theatre, cooking and music which also will be represented in her blog entries. She is our little optimist, always smiling, sometimes involuntarily funny and characterized by her „don´t touch me“ – attitude.