Not only railways steam

It has been this week as we were all sitting in the park near our university, having lunch. The sun set free all of our happiness, lunch was good, and besides the little disruptive sparrow everything was fine. Suddenly, there was a sweet smell in the air. Something appealing, sweet and very alluring. I followed my nose and discovered a couple smoking a hookah next to us. As I considered this a very nice idea for that afternoon, then,   I invited a friend of mine and we welcomed the summer while smoking a water-pipe. However, since I got a nice birthday present some weeks ago ,we did not use the ordinary tobacco, this time we rather enjoyed steaming stones.

Steaming stones? – sounds strange

It does, but it is neither a miracle nor witchery. Shiazo is how they are called and it consists of a specific mineral complex , which is able to  absorb the aromatic liquid as best as possible. This ability makes it possible to use steaming stones instead of tobacco. With a size between 5 and 9 mm Shiazo  is suitable for every Shesha. You can decide whether you want to flavor your stones with one of the 30 different flavors yourself, or if you just want to open the can and begin to enjoy the incredible fuming experience.

No nicotine? Is this possible? 

Good news: Yes, it is. The aroma liquidity is transformed only to steam. Let´s start steaming – completely without nicotine and combustion products, like it is when using ordinary tobacco and there is no particulate material in it. You might be afraid of a loss in intensity, but don´t worry the steam tastes delicious, has an enormous denseness and you will not have problems like a scratching throat, because the steam is very mild.The fancy can is easy to carry and will fit in every bag. Let it become your new companion.

How to do it

Shiazo is, as I already mentioned,  offered either ready to use or you can aromatise your stones by yourself with one of the 30 different flavors. Besides that, it can simply be used like the tobacco you are used to. For an optimal steaming experience the developer recommend the ready-to-steam cans, because they are produced by the new PIM  (Pressure Injection Method).

The website offers the following hints to use Shiazo as optimal as possible:

  • Shake flavoured Shiazo shortly before usage.
  • With a spoon an easy dosage is possible.
  • Heat Shiazo preferably with an electrical coal.
  • For a long steam enjoyment the heat has to be uniform and not too hot
  • Liquid and minerals should not be overheated. A temperature range between 150-200 °C turned out to be optimal.
  • For a dense steam the smoke column should not be more than 2 cm under water.
  • Shiazo is not suitable for human consumption. Keep Shiazo out of the reach of children.
  • There is no age restriction known by law. We recommend a usage from the age of 16 up.

Shiazo is already available almost everywhere

Besides the online shop there are many shops, café and bars. which are already offering the steaming experience. Check out if there is one nearby on:
Here are the locations you can get them in Berlin

Pharao Land Europa Center
Tauentzienstr. 9-12
10789 Berlin 03025358570
Mo – Sa 11:00-20:00

Bornholmer Straße 4
10439 Berlin  030 66774001
Mo-Sa: 12-20:00 Uhr

Tonys Shisha Shop
Weichselstr. 31
10247 Berlin  030/ 53 16 54

Tested by pros

Well, more or less. Nevertheless, my  friend and I were really convinced by the intensive taste, the dense steam and the easy usage, but pay attention that the coal is hot enough. However, this is just a little hint from us to make sure you will have the same great experience as we did. We completely recommend it to you.

Take the great weather as your opportunity to go out and start steaming!