Did you already know that you are being fooled incessantly? Or the tale of the suspicious red price tag

If you buy something, no matter what it is, then you are affected by this title. I assume you consume, and before you consume you have to buy. But do you always remember why you actually purchased a product? Why you purchased a certain quantity?  Was it on sale? Are you sure? Did it make you look thinner? Well, probably it did not. But generally speaking, you never find out about it.

For instance, when the price tag is red, most consumers assume that the price is lower than before. But many times it is not. As soon as the tag is red we simply assume that the article is on sale. Still, we fail to check whether this is true or not. Years of purchasing experience have taught us: red = cheap! It even occurred to me that sometimes the usual price tag is “covered” with a red one. But the price is the same! They simply bring on red tags over the white one. No other changes made, but it sells.

Second example, imagine yourself at a fashion retailer: you see a dress; go to the fitting room, try it on, and all of a sudden you look much thinner! “It must be the dress”, you think. But actually, it is the mirror! Basically, it is neither the dress making you look skinnier nor you having lost weight. The mirror lies to you! Why don´t you get it, you don´t look like a Hollywood star, it is an optical illusion! (Still I have to admit, this varies. Some stores have mirrors that rather deter from buying clothes; hence the opposite effect exists as well)

Last one: 70% of purchasing decisions are made on the spot, spontaneously. You only intended to buy some groceries, right? You never leave though without buying something else, something that was not on the shopping list. Oh, by the way: frequently, you pay more for less. The price has not changed. But the volume did! Same price, less product. Maybe only a little for the consumer, but the producer saves a lot by subtracting a little content per package! (If you want to read more about this topic: great article!) Besides, the shopping carts have become bigger within the last decades – to make you feel like you have to fill it. Or at least create a false impression that the cart is not that full yet.

For business, only one thing is true: you think buy, therefore you are. Have fun shopping!