As if there is a tomorrow

Berlin – capital of partypeople, follower of electro vibes and bass lover. Partying till the end as if there is NO tomorrow that´s the motto of most of them.

However, when the birds begin to sing, the boxes are getting quite and you are entering your little bed – the party is over but the giggly let-you forget- everything atmosphere is more illusion than reality.

A huge landscape

There are over 5500 clubs in Germany, among those incredible 300 only in Berlin. You might think “CRAZY” and it even gets more crazy if you think about the CO2 production that comes along with them. For every club is producing around 90 tons of CO2 per year. After Adam Ries this makes 495,000 tons of CO2 produced by german partypeople annually. 

The energy demand of clubs is enormous and most of the clubs in Berlin are rather oldfashioned when it comes to terms of energy efficency but it is hard for club owners to invest in new and energysaving technologies, even if they want,because money is unfortunately a scarce ressource.

Nevertheless there is a Berlin initiative called CLUBMOB which goal it is to support clubs to invest in a more environmentally friendly party culture.Image

How do they do that?

Hundreds of musiclovers, generous and ready to celebrate an unforgettable night with nice people – that is how the initiative attracts club owners. The clubmob is published on their website or on their facebook group to reach as many people as possible. In return the owners of the dance palaces have to invest the majority of the evening revenues into CO2 saving technologies.

Eco – power, Eco – clothing, Eco – food – everybody wants to be eco, even the party follower

The numbers speak for themselves – at the first clubmob which had taken place in the SO36 club in Berlin Kreuzberg in November last year the result was quiet impressive. 

300 celebrators, 2110€ much fun and many changes.

Nevertheless SO36 is no “green” club though. For the CLUBMOB team is rather a chance to help beginning with changing something. 

The clubs are getting a free energy consulting and the energy consultants are giving concrete advice of how to realize certain improvement plans locally.

We are staying at our example of SO36. Here are the precise means of how the club got a bit „greener“.

“Bye, Bye Vattenfall!” – that is how the internet site of CLUBMOB is announcing it. The SO36 club is now a customer of the Ecopowerprovider “Naturstrom”. Thus it is saving 48 tons of CO2 annually. Moreover, they invested in refridgerators with the sign A+++, LED lights and energy saving lamps.

This success has been continued by the second CLUBMOB that took place in M.I.K.Z in Friedrichshain on 21st April 2012 and the CLUBMOB plans are going on.

So I hope to see you next time on a CLUBMOB where we can party as if there is a tomorrow.