For free but nobody wants it?!

It is one of Germany´s best known daily newspaper appearing since 1952 and it used to be one of the most often printed one in Europe – BILD. The popular gutter paper is part of the powerful Axel Springer AG. Its website generates incredible 195 million visits each month but the success of the prole paper is crumbling. For more and more readers feel uncomfortable when reading the BILD in public.

Success and shame – isn´t that a contradiction?

Of course it is and that is why WE HAVE TO WAKE UP!

In Germany BILD is known as a newspaper that is probably only read by lower educated groups and men (nice greetings to the page 1 girls). Nevertheless 2.5 million editions are leaving the shops daily. Admittedly the huge, bold printed sensations are easy to understand. However, the numbers speak for themselves revealing a dramatic problem for our society as we all know that the media is one of the greatest parts of opinion forming. We have to raise the awareness that reckless and brutal reporting which is only concentrated on as much sensations as possible has no existence relevance in a highly developed, democratic society. We cannot accept reporting that hits persons and is neglecting human dignity. What is more, the BILD – articles are much too short, subjective and distort real happenings which sooner or later will lead to stultification of the entire society. Thus, due to falsified coverage, most of the BILD readers can hardly distinguish between real happenings and lies. We can find proof for the unqualified coverage since the BILD is as often blamed for offences from the German Press Council than no other newspaper.

OK – but what can WE do?

 BILD is celebrating its 60th birthday on the 23rd of June this year and that is why of  the huge empire set up a tricky marketing strategy that will deliver the BILD for free on that very day.

However opponents reacted: 12th April 2012-  the campaign: “Alle gegen Bild” started. The aim of it is to initiate a broad public debate on the journalistic means of the BILD newspaper. IT is an e-mail move where you can deny getting a BILD for free. Already 188622 people are participating. The distribution of this action is a sign that real journalism has to be supported and that the duty of all human beings should be respected.

How can we participate in this campaign?

It is simply an e-mail action where you can deny to get the BILD delivered for free on the 23th of June 2012.

Simply write an e-mail to the Springer press that you can find on this website: There you only have to insert your contact data and then it will be directly sent. Thus you will not have any free BILD in your post box and you will have supported high – qualified reporting by just a few clicks. It is really a cinch!

If you are interested in this topic visit  or ( to get more information.

Now it´s up to you!